The Worker's Cauldron

Paranormal PSYOPS

November 11, 2021 David Roddy & Mercedas Castillo Season 3 Episode 6
The Worker's Cauldron
Paranormal PSYOPS
Show Notes

In this episode of The Worker’s Cauldron, we look at how the military of the United States has exploited supernatural beliefs in the process of growing its empire. From the infamous use of the Filipino Aswang to suppress the hukbalahap rebellion to the equally infamous Ghost Tape Number 10 played into the rebel held areas of Vietnam, we explore the strange intersections of imperialism and folklore.

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Herbert Friedman, Superstition PSYOP

Max Boot: Operation Mongoose: The Story of America's Efforts to Overthrow Castro

The Aswang Phenomenon 

The Aswang Project

Heonik Kwon: Ghosts of War in Vietnam

Maximo D. Ramos, The Aswang Complex in Philippine Folklore

Network of Concerned Anthropologists

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